Post Schedule

Expect new posts every 2 months or so (~6 posts per year). There are three main post categories: Cybersecurity & Privacy, Community, and Opinion. Expect at least two posts per category per year.

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Current Projects:

Listed below are the names of projects currently in the works along with their expected publication date, category, and sneak peek (if available).

Project PISCES: A Failing “Project”

  • Expected Publication: Late March 2024
  • Category: Community

Public Infrastructure Security Cyber Education System (or PISCES) is a Cybersecurity training opportunity for undergraduate college students, currently available in Colorado and Idaho. They collect real-world cybersecurity data from local governments and present it to student analysts in training. However, mismanagement and improper training lead to an exploitative environment for the students involved in PISCES.

Reading Pagers for fun & for data

  • Expected Publication: Summer 2024
  • Category: Cybersecurity & Privacy